My LifePassion Discovery® Online Experience Makes It Faster And Simpler To Find Your Passions Than Ever Before!

Finding and following your passion is the secret to…

  • Getting yourself unstuck from a job and a life that you've grown to hate

    You'll replace that feeling of anxiety and dread that you feel each morning when you wake up to go to work, with child-like energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

  • Choosing a career path that matches your true calling so you can thrive and feel alive

    You'll eliminate the risk of wasting thousands of dollars on post-secondary education to train for a career path you might end up disliking for the rest of your life.

  • Selecting a niche for your new business that will make work seem more like play

    You'll have peace of mind that the new business you decide to start will be a labor of love before you roll the dice and go all in with your time and money.

  • Replacing boredom in retirement with self-fulfillment and a sense of purpose

    You'll have a renewed zest for life because you'll be waking up with a daily sense of purpose and going to sleep with a feeling of accomplishment.

If you're facing any one of the above challenges in your life right now… Then you’ll definitely want to give my LifePassion Discovery Online Experience a try.

It's a 3-stage journey of self-discovery…

Let me take a minute to give you an idea of what your journey of life passion discovery is going to look like. I’ve divided that journey into 3 stages.


Each stage is designed to get you specific results. And, I’ve packed them with lots of helpful tools to make the process of finding your passions FUN and FAST.

    Stage 1: The first stage is what I call INITIATION

    This is the stage where I make sure you understand everything you’re going to need to know to prepare yourself for passion discovery.


    You’ll learn all about some pretty amazing stuff…

    • What's in it for YOU in finding and following your passion… (there are both emotional and logical benefits that may surprise you).

    • The 3 states of being that keep you locked in a vicious cycle of anxiety and misery… (YOU might be in one of these states right now!)

    • The state of being you absolutely MUST get yourself into before you can have lasting joy and fulfillment in your life.

    • The 3 biggest myths about life passion, and how they’ve been sabotaging your chances of finding your true calling.

    • What life passion really is, how to recognize it, and how it relates to life goals and objectives that you set for yourself.

    • The 2 must-haves for any given activity to put you in the Passion Zone… (this is the secret to creating joy and self-fulfillment in your life).

    • A warm-up exercise I call The Passion Zone Primer, that will get you laser-focused on only those things that help reveal your true passions (no false starts, red herrings or dead ends to deal with) … AND it’s fun to do too!

    • How to prepare your mind for passion discovery… (if you miss this step, you won't be able to recognize your passion when you see it!)

    • And MUCH more…

      Stage 2: This is the stage I call IDENTIFICATION

      In this section you’ll discover a simple sleuthing sequence that makes finding your passions possible in less than a day without getting a brain cramp (you won’t see this anywhere else).


      You’ll also discover…

      • How my revolutionary 3Ts Technique™ leverages the process of elimination to make finding your passion faster and easier than ever before possible.

      • A simple process to find the "secret sauce" that determines what YOUR passions will be at any given time of your life… (This "secret sauce" is unique to you).

      • My Passion Type Picker™ that makes it a snap to choose the Passion Type™ that lays the foundation for your true calling (This immediately narrows down the list of passion possibilities that can logically apply to you).

      • My definitive list of 30 Passion Themes™ that took me years to test and refine. I’ve defined them so clearly you’ll literally be able to recognize which ones fit you best as soon as you see them.

      • How to use my Passion Theme Prioritizer™ to identify your dominant theme… (this is the theme that defines the path to your true calling).

      • My Passion Purpose Filter™ that works just like a coffee filter to screen out any passions that couldn't possibly become your purpose.

      • How to use my Passion Purpose Predictor™ to pinpoint the specific passions that are your true calling… (these are the ones you can build a job, a career, a business, or a retirement around!)

      • The five Passion Purpose Payoffs™… and how they create lasting happiness for you at both work and at play. 

      • "Cheat Sheets" so you don't have to strain your brain… (I’ve already done the deep thinking to make things faster and easier for you).

      • And MUCH more…

        Stage 3: The final stage I call IMPLEMENTATION

        This is where I’ll coach you on how to add your newfound passions to your life without risk or regret.


        By the time you finish this section you’ll have a step-by-step action plan for bringing your passions to life.


        You’ll also learn…

        • How to use my Passion Pursuit Hierarchy™ to know when the timing is right (or not) to start following your passions… in a responsible manner!

        • How to pursue your passions for FUN… this is the fastest and easiest way to offset misery with joy in your life.

        • How to pursue your passions for MONEY… either in your current job, a new "dream job", or a passion-based business of your own.

        • How to obliterate the five biggest obstacles to implementing passions, so that nothing stands in the way of you living a life that's authentically yours!

        • Why your passions may change over time and how to deal with those changes if they happen to you. 

        • How to use my Sanctioning Six™ core values to ensure your lasting happiness and avoid conflict situations.

        • How to make your passion your life purpose (it's not necessary to do this in order to have joy and meaning in your life, but if you have a desire to serve others, this training will put you on that path).

        • And MUCH more…

          What would it truly be worth to you…

          If you could find your passion today and immediately start applying it tomorrow so that you could say goodbye to the anxiety, the sleepless nights, the misery, the feeling of dread of having to go to a job you’ve grown to hate, or waking up to a day of boredom in retirement…


          And instead wake up every morning for the rest of your life, feeling truly alive and looking forward to every minute of your day?


          It would truly be priceless wouldn’t it?


          That’s like saying how much is your happiness worth? And here’s the thing… happiness is temporary, but passion is enduring.


          So it’s even MORE valuable, isn’t it?


          But we have to put a number on this… one that not only reflects the value you’ll receive but also keeps things affordable…


          When I work one-on-one to privately coach my clients on how to find and follow their passions, my fee is $6,000.


          As much as I love working with people one-on-one and watching them transform their lives, there are only so many people I can work with at any given time.


          My mission is to help as many people as I can in the time I have left, discover the joy, meaning, and self-fulfillment that comes from following their true calling and living their authentic life… 


          That’s why I decided to create this online video version of the exact coaching process I take everyone through in my private sessions.


          And here’s why that’s a good thing for you…


          It will be just like having me there coaching you one-on-one!


          But at a fraction of the price…


          Instead of $6,000 for private coaching, I can provide the exact same value for you with my online video coaching experience for less than 1/10th of that amount…


          Just 3 monthly installments of $197… or SAVE $94 with a single payment of $497.

          Find Your Passion… FAST

          $497 (or 3 installments of $197)

          30-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

            Answers to Frequently Asked Questions…

            What's Included In This Program?

            How Long Can I Access The Program?

            How Difficult Is This To Do?

            Can I Access This On A Mobile Device?

            How Long Will This Take To Complete?

            Is It Too Late For Me To Start?

            I personally guarantee your success…

            I want to make sure there is absolutely zero risk for you when you decide to invest in my LifePassion Discovery online experience today. That's why I'm giving you a 30- Day 100% Money Back guarantee.


            Take a full 30 days to experience the program at your own pace. Watch all the videos as many times as you like and have fun filling in the worksheets that will ultimately pinpoint your passions. Ask me as many questions as you like using my private email.


            And, if after all that, you aren't happy with your results for any reason whatsoever, then just let me know and I'll refund your money right away, no questions asked. No hassles. No problem.


            So, you see, you have nothing to lose…


            And a lifetime of joy and meaning to gain, by embarking on this LifePassion Discovery Experience with me here today.

              You have a simple decision to make…

              By now you realize that finding and following your passions is the secret to getting yourself unstuck and replacing the current anxiety and misery in your life with feelings of joy and self-fulfillment instead.


              You can either choose to accept your day-to-day drudgery…


              Or you can choose to discover your passions today so that you can start rekindling your zest for life right away!


              When you find your passion(s)…

              • You'll pinpoint the kind of work that for you seems more like play (you'll actually enjoy your job!)

              • You'll wake up each morning with child-like enthusiasm, eager to start your day (no more hitting the snooze button and pulling the covers over your head in a state of dread)

              • There’ll be lasting joy and meaning in your life… You’ll experience an incredible feeling of self-fulfillment and discover a sense of purpose in your life

              • You’ll infect your family, friends and colleagues with your newfound zest for life… you'll be way more fun to be with.

              • And, your personal productivity will skyrocket … you'll start accomplishing more than you ever thought possible!

              Remember… my LifePassion Discovery online experience contains the exact same content I use in my $6000 private coaching program, so you can be confident that this is all you’ll need to finally find your elusive passions … all at a fraction of the cost of working with me one on one!

                So here's what to do right now…

                Decide that now is the time to discover your passions so you can start living the life of your dreams … Not the life that others have dreamed up for you!


                Do that by clicking the orange button below to get my LifePassion Discovery Experience for one payment of $497 or choose three equal monthly payments of $197.


                Either way, you risk nothing because you have my 30-Day 100% Money-Back Find-Your-Passion Guarantee. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of joy and meaning to gain by joining me right now.

                Find Your Passion… FAST

                $497 (or 3 installments of $197)

                30-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

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