Does Personal Coaching Make Sense For You?​

My LifePassion Discovery online experience is the exact same methodology I use to coach my clients one-on-one… so you really don’t need persoanl coaching from me in order to find and follow your passions.​


However, there are times when having a personal coach makes a lot of sense:

  • When you need someone to hold you accountable for achieving your goals,

  • When you want to make sure you stay on track and don’t become distracted,

  • To provide you with 100% clarity and certainty during every step of the process,

  • To customize everything to your unique set of circumstances to optimize results.

I Can’t Do This For Everyone​…

Because of the demands on my schedule, I don’t have a ton of bandwidth to do personal coaching any more. At most, I can only work with four clients per month.


And, I’ll only work one-on-one with people who are 100% committed to making a positive change happen in their lives.


The investment to work with me privately is substantial.


My professional fee is $6,000 to lead you through the passion discovery process and the creation of your action plan for implementing it successfully into your life.

    Here’s How It Works…

    We’ll need a 30-minute call to get us started. This call let’s me dive deep into understanding where you are now, how you got there, and what you are feeling now about your situation.


    Then we’ll schedule a series of 60-minute calls based on how quickly you want to make a transition.


    Some people choose to have one call per week.


    Others want fast action, so we do one call per day during the week, and they work each day on homework assignments that I give them based on what needs to be accomplished next.


    It typically takes about 10 to 12 calls, and some email communication back and forth along the way to really dial things in.


    That means this could be done in as little as two weeks, or it might take a couple of months. It’s totally up to you, your schedule and your needs.


    We can do it by phone or even better if we do it via Zoom calls where we can see each other, share each other’s screen, and interact as if we were together in the same room.


    I'll continue to work with you until you find your passion and have started to implement it successfully. In other words I guarantee your success.


    If for some reason we can’t make that happen, I’ll refund your money and we’ll part as friends.

      Here’s What To Do Next​…

      My goal for you is simple…


      To transform your life by getting you unstuck from feelings of boredom, or anxiety or misery, and set you free to experience more joy, meaning and self-fulfillment for the rest of your life.


      If this sounds like something that you want to do, then I’m going to ask you to demonstrate your commitment to making this happen by filling in an application and paying a refundable $100 deposit (a link to the application will be sent to you automatically upon receipt of your deposit).


      I will personally review each application and get back to you if I think we'd be a good fit together and if I think this program is right for you at this time in your life.


      If for any reason either one of us decides it is not the best idea to move forward, your $100 deposit will be quickly refunded.


      If we do decide to move forward together, you will be billed an additional $5900 (a link to the checkout page will be sent to you via email).


      It’s a one-time payment. There is no installment plan for this level of coaching. You go all in and we commit to making it work.

      Apply For Personal Coaching

      $100 Refundable Deposit

      A Link to the Application Will Be Sent To Your Email

      Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

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